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Glock history and how it started

Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer, successful businessman, and manufacturer of injection molding parts and components, founded GLOCK Ges.m.b.H in 1963.

In the 1970s, development and production start-up of the first military products began to take place with the development of a line of knives, grenade casings and machine gun belt links.

In the early 1980’s, the semi-automatic GLOCK service pistol was born in response to meet the needs of the Austrian military. It’s polymer frame and the developed SAFE ACTION System revolutionized the pistol market

Each GLOCK pistol was designed and engineered to respond directly to the needs of our customers. Many models have a specific purpose

How to order Glock

To be eligible or be able to order anything from us, you must be over 21 years old and above. For us to proceed your order you must be living in the united states or countries whereby, firearms are being shipped without little or no restrictions. You can also ask for discreet services since we accept to ship discreetly or privately. 

Glock reviews

The Glock delivers high reliability, great ergonomics, and it boasts as many aftermarket options as you can dream of. On top of that, its relatively compact size (one of the smallest mid-sized handguns), the pistol is also viable as a concealed carry option. An example is the Glock 19



I never knew how good and reliable the Glock pistol was until when i got one from the Using the Glock 19 pistol was really amazing and that’s when i realize it was the best pistol i have been searching for. 

Mark Jance
Compared to the legendary 1911 handgun, the Glock 20 has twice the ammunition capacity and can hit significantly harder. Thank God i got this beautiful baby from Glockshop
David Espinosa made i and my friends realize how powerful the Glock pistols are. i felt in love with the Glock 30 gen 4 because its such an amazing pistol. Thanks to the Glockshop for this.